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Hi, Everyone who reads my story can know more information about my life in C.I.A 
and my success story as well. I've stayed here for one month already, i have 5 weeks left.

When I came here especially on my first week,
I felt I'm a fool, because I learned English for nearly 10 years,
when I was middle&high school student.But when I started classess,
I barely couldn't speak and understand anything, like a baby.

So it was difficult to speak to someone in English.
My writing skill was also very low,
 so my self writing pages in Daily Self Study Book have a lot of red marks.
Fortunately, my teachers who teach man to man and
group classess help me to read,write,listen 
and speak very well in English.

As time passess by, my English skills have improved compared before.

 How do I know? Actually, when you learn and study here, you will do some test, like progress test.
Progress test should be taken every month and A graduated test before students leave CIA.

These test show the students improvement in studying English here.
I think this is a very good system that gives motivation to us.

In this way we can compare our scores before and now.
In my case, i'm have that i improve my level
When you stay in CIA, you can make many foreign friends!
like Japaneses,Taiwonese, Chineses etc... They're very kind and fun.
You can also travel with them.

The philippines has many small islands,
so in my case every weekend I go an trip or look around Cebu city
with my foreing friends!

This is also an opprotunity for you to speak a lot in English
since you dont have classess on that holiday and weekend!

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